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My Art Work

Click to enlarge the picture. Clicking any picture would open the picture in the gallery mode.Paintings are ordered randomly.
There is a story behind each art work.You could read these stories by clicking the links, which are listed below the picture section of this page.

Here are the links to read the story behind the art work. The stories would include the context and/or the technique.

1.Β Old street:Β Water colors on Handmade paper

2. Still Life 1 : Water colors on Handmade paper

3. Tropical Sunset: Water colors on Handmade paper

4.Venice- Queen of Adritatic: Water colors on Handmade paper

5. Interpretation of Dance: Water colors on Handmade paper

6. Marital conflict: Watercolors on Handmade paper

7. Two Ships: Watercolours on Handmade paper

8. Streams in the Woods: Watercolours on Handmade paper

9.City street in the night: Watercolours on Handmade paper

10. Train in the fields: Charcoal on Cartridge paper

11. Sunflowers: Watercolours on Handmade paper

12. Thirsty Tiger: Watercolours on Handmade paper

13.Walk on a Rainy Night: Watercolours on Handmade paper

14. Wild Flowers: Watercolors on Handmade paper

15. Grass: Watercolors on Handmade paper

16. Evening in Woods: Acrylics on Canvas

16 Responses to “My Art Work”

  1. Vinita Chacko said

    This is great Dheeraj.Did not know you are an artist as well. The articles were interesting.May be you should write something for the voice. EMFI’s magazine.

    @Mrs Vineeta Chacko
    Thank you ,Madam.
    Welcome to the blog.Do keep coming back πŸ™‚

  2. John Jebaraj James said

    Dear Dheeraj,
    So glad to see your handiwork.proud of you.
    You are welcome to write for Campus Link!
    Stay blessed!

  3. deepa said

    I had no idea you were a talented artist too! Are you still in CFH?

  4. Kavitha said

    Sir,your art works are very very nice….

  5. Kakali Behera said

    You are really a great artist. I am seeing this with Alisha & Chitrita. They both utter a word i.e. “WOW”!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Dheeraj Kattula said

      Thank you, Alisha. Chitrita and Mrs Behera. I am encouraged. I see a lot of artistic talent in your household too. Keep in touch and keep me posted on their works of art.

  6. Divya Mercy said

    beautiful paintings sir πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Dr Dheeraj,
    Really fantastic art here…
    I have one suggestion for this page.. You can use the gallery feature in wordpress to add your best works and showcase them, instead of putting separate links.. Am sure that’ll come out great..

    I have one question- do you paint portraits- i don’t mean people posing in front of you but as in you drawing portraits from imagination? I see lot of landscapes, nature, cityscapes in your work. Maybe I missed them portraits,. As a photographer, I am attracted to people..

    Best regards

    • Dheeraj Kattula said

      Thanks Georgie for checking my blog and for the kind words.It is encouraging words like these from fb friends that make me go back to the brushes πŸ™‚
      Thanks for advice on the gallery feature.I will check it out.
      I have not ventured into portraits as I feel its more difficult.If I change a tree a its a different tree but the difference is not significant but in people it becomes very significant. Fear of not meeting up with standards of resemblance has kept me away from portraits.I understand I need to do them also at some time or the other.People are very interesting indeed.Most artists add people or birds or something with life to add life to their art works.
      All the best for your photography too.Can you permit me to use your people photographs for my portrait art ? πŸ™‚

    • Dheeraj Kattula said

      About a year later, I have found time to get this done in gallery mode. Thanks Georgie. Hope you are enjoying your ‘bond’ :).Looking forward for your return for PG

  8. Peter said

    Awesome paintings dude, AWESOME, very inspiring, very unique touch

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