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Dheeraj KattulaI was born to a wonderful couple. A serious, conscientious father,who is a doctor and a vivacious, spiritual mother, who is a teacher turned home maker.

I did most of my schooling in the Kendriya Vidyalayas. I am proud of its rich mix of students. I did half of my schooling in  the campuses of Central Leather Research Institute and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

I graduated in Medicine from Madras Medical College, Chennai. I did my postgraduate studies in Psychiatry from Christian Medical College, Vellore. Since graduation, I have worked in mission hospitals in various parts of India. I work in a teaching institute in the Department of Psychiatry. I desire to combine academic psychiatry with social justice.

In addition to being a competent doctor I wish to be a dutiful son, loving brother, a reliable friend, an understanding husband and a loving father.

Many things interest me.  Psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, history, economics, management, mathematics, language and art are few the list.

This blog is an expression of my thoughts and feelings. It is also a platform for me to interact with those like and unlike me.

I like being frank and open but not at the cost of confidentiality.

Feel free to comment, rate and share.


This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not that of my employer, volunteer groups, membership organizations, or other agencies I might represent.

My intention is not to injure, defame, or libel, any religious group, ethnic group, organization, company, or individual, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back. I cannot afford it with time or money.

I am not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says on this blog in the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in my country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.

I suggest people take medical advice from qualified professionals and not use the content in this blog for treatment of any disease

5 Responses to “about”

  1. Bhagwant said

    HI nice meeting a KVian blogger.

  2. Deepali said

    Hi Dheeraj
    Interesting is what i would say to your blogs !
    The Art section too was truly interesting…some I had’t seen before !
    Read the last blog…
    The institution of marriage is a combined effort of two individuals who are committed to the responsibility they take and when that does not exist the pillars fall apart.
    Hence, your question ” Why don’t you leave your husband ” is justifiable in the whole sense.
    The problem with our society is the strong gender bias. This is empowered by illiteracy and societal dogmas.
    How many NGO’s are there to empower such women who are victims of the very society we live in ?
    Do you know your patient came in from a village ! I had a similar case: That too in the so called educated society where we live…and I so wanted to tell her ” Why don’t you leave your husband ? ” when she had a 4 yr old and pregnant with 26 weeks !
    I never could understand what kept her going in life… HOPE that one day things will change !
    Even the thought sends shivers to my bones at this very moment how could someone live on that HOPE ?

  3. Traceii Roberts said

    Dear Dheeraj,

    The information you provided about yourself reflects an intelligent, strong, humble and merciful heart.With Jesus Christ as your Center and Source,the Lord can touch many through you.Your transparency is refreshing and I have enjoyed visiting your site. You are in my prayers this day, to be an effective leader used by God to assist others in healing and restoration ascribing Glory to our heavenly Father.

    Traceii Roberts,RN,PN

  4. Monisha said

    Hey Dr. Shrink,

    I am sitting here with your little sis on this side of the world, remembering the good old days when you wanted to flaunt your white coat and ride through all the stop lights of Madras roads, smiling/waving at the traffic cops….as our very own VVIP!!! I find your biosketch very impressing (hahahaha), good old Dheeraj:) Hope to meet your future wife and kids some time soon. Let me know if you are interested in some non-desi chicks; I am sure they will find you, your interests and your philosophies absolutely fascinating!

    I hope to read your blogs and be “enlightened.”

    • Dheeraj Kattula said

      Hmmm…Monisha, you have remained the same naughty girl with rich fantasy. I never had a bike in MBBS days.I was always the pillion rider. Anyway I like your picturesque imagination. You can try getting into movie direction in Hollywood. If successful, please give a break to this old friend in non-romantic roles 🙂
      Thanks for liking my bio-sketch.( never realized I wrote one! :-))
      I wish you were doing primary school and I was in high school. You could have found one of your classmates, a non-desi chick, for whom I would have been a good boy friend. I would have stuck to that girl for the rest of my life. Sadly things did not work out that way 😦 At 30 I would find it difficult to start and manage a life with an American chick. I would prefer a desi chick here 🙂
      Please do read the blog. I do not know if you will be ‘enlightened’ 🙂

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