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Two Ships: a painting

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on December 4, 2011

Two Ships

Title:Two ships
Watercolour on Handmade paper
Original Size:29 x 39 cm

This painting reminds me of something I had pondered over few years ago.
The main issues that a captain of the ship is concerned with are
1. How to keep my ship from sinking?
2. How to avoid bumping into other ships?

In life the answer to first question leads us to ‘personal ethics’. The answer to the second question leads us to ‘social ethics’.

Is not the problem of mankind beyond the pragmatic – why is the ship in the sea? 🙂

I had not removed the painting from the easel when it was done. As I kept looking at it, it looked a bit dull.So I added lemon yellow into horizon area, darkened the foreground waters,added some detail into the ship with ball point pen, added some background interest with birds and finally remembered to sign 🙂 Friends later pointed out that the version 1.0 had better reflections of the ships in water. I then added some plain water to the ships bottom parts and let the water drip to get the reflection look on to the painting. This is the final version of two ships.

Two Ships


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