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The Path: a painting

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on April 27, 2013

the path

Title: The Path

Size: 18 X 27 cm

Medium: Watercolor on Handmade paper

June 2008

I have never written about my development as an artist. I might write that in detail in a future post. Shortly I can say I painted in my secondary school. I had done well and had won many prizes. I pursued science and not art as I felt contribution through science is long lasting and more meaningful. Of course this idea is not completely true. Everything can be very meaningful.

I painted only 2 paintings during my MBBS years [ Medical School]. I worked for three years before going into studies in Psychiatry in CMC, Vellore. I never touched brushes in those periods lasting more than 5 years.

I joined Graham Staines Memorial Hospital in May 2008. The hospital was developing. The challenges here were different from running a fully established setting. I had to learn to relax. I also had time to reflect and enjoy. I watched a couple of paintings being painted on youtube. My long lost love for art got ignited.

I bought a set of watercolours and paper and painted this. I called it “ The Path”. I posted this in orkut, a social network like facebook with the following note.

Life is a journey.Take the walk.
There may be scorching sun,
keep walking.You would soon find shade.
With anyone around talk,
This journey could be fun.
Keep walking.Thats why we are made.

My friends liked it, The encouragement received prompted me to continue painting. I am glad, I took the time out to search for watercolors and paper in the market. I have improved a lot since then. It has happened because – I had started.

All of us have had interests in our childhood and adolescence, which we give up in pursuit of the more ‘practical’ things. May be we should not.  They could add meaning and beauty to life, something that could be missed in success and accomplishment.


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Fight the Bull : a painting

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on May 20, 2012

Fight The Bull

Title: Fight the Bull

Medium: Watercolour on Handmade Paper

Size: 27 x 36 cm

Date: 19.5.2012

I was born in the month of May. It makes me a Taurean. The zodiac sign is that of a bull. I am not a believer in Astrology. I believe there are more important factors which determine our future like socio-economic status, quality of parenting received, access to education and healthcare etc. I have been compared to a bull in my childhood. This was for being lazy, stubborn, willing to engage in argument and of course being plump.

I have changed a lot, in fact I had to change a lot. I would love to be lazy but CMC Schedules do not give a chance. I cannot be stubborn as I see my own view as a spot in the dimension of truth/ falsity. I still love argument as the test of clarity of thought.The word argument is a bad word socially as people take things personally, so I intentionally exit after making initial remarks. I still remain on the right of normal curve when it comes to body weight. In other words I have been fighting the bull and I still need to.

I got reminded my self of the concept of fighting the bull and I thought I ll paint a bull fight scene around my birthday. The painting above is the product of that. I loosely applied chrome yellow and lemon yellow on few spots on the wet paper. Then I added yellow ochre, carmine and vermillion to blend along the sides. I then added burnt seinna in corners and did some blending with brush. I then did the same with a bit of burnt umber too. I was adding these colors into the body of the bull with brush strokes following the body contours of the bull. I preserved some whites for the bull’s horn and fighter’s dress.

I worked on the fighter’s dress with a small round brush but kept it loose. I added thick paint of burnt umber and then black on the bull following the earlier brush strokes. I also added a bit of white to add texture. Once the painting dried I splattered the painting on the top corners and the bottom with different colors. Some splatter went and fell on the bull and the fighter. This gave the feel of dust and an atmosphere of action.

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