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In My Buddy’s Suffering: a poem

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on October 16, 2010

My friend when you are in pain,

Feel parched like land without rain.

Life appears barren, cold and dry,

Being numbed, I couldn’t even cry.


At these times we feel very sad,

Think why these trials are so bad?

Tests are meant for us to get in shape,

My fear is, in these we don’t break.


Though circumstances don’t have reason,

We haven’t suffered heavenly treason.

At all times God is our steady hope.

Worship and prayer are our only dope.


Wishing your burdens I could share,

With a heart that would truly care.

What else dear brother, can I say

Except to promise to kneel and pray.


I assure you that I am with you.

Blessing God will see you through.



4 Responses to “In My Buddy’s Suffering: a poem”

  1. RR said

    Amen! Words of comfort! They are so precious! Many times they have snatched lives from the fire of destruction!

  2. MANDA ISAAC said

    It is a nice poem.Helps us in Our Daily Bread.Helps us to fight fear…
    Thank you.

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