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“Passive God: Active Prayers” & “Active God: No Prayers”

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on May 16, 2009


I think I was about six years old that I began to detest all that which was non-material – of the kind of demons, spirits and Gods. I questioned my own thinking 10 years later when I read Physics. The way physical constants are fixed in such balance to hold the universe. I became more convinced of a ‘design’, when I studied the human body in a medical school. A design implied a designer- whom people called as ‘God’.

People of most faiths pray. In my faith too community I saw a lot of prayers. There were those who fasted regularly. There were those who prayed loudly and fervently. I felt that many prayed as if God was in a state of slumber and needed that ‘extra’ to wake him up and start doing something. Their prayers looked like tools to arm-twist God to do their will. I felt the underlying view for such praying behavior was a compromise on the doctrine of ‘Sovereignty of God’. But I did pray during those days…

I studied in a medical college in a metro city. I wondered how mission hospitals functioned, despite lacking resources of all kinds. I used to pray for God’s grace on them. Few years have passed, since those days. I now work in such a hospital. I too have constraints that many mission hospitals have. But, I survive. I see God at work everyday, by which I mean I see good outcomes happen unexplainably.

I specialized in Psychiatry. So, I had lost touch with General Medicine, Pediatrics etc. To me, reaching a diagnosis is itself a challenge, forget the treatment. It is by God’s grace that I might ask the right question, pick a right clinical sign and order a right investigation which would have a diagnostic significance. It is by God’s grace that I might remember the right treatment, drug interactions and side-effects and manage them appropriately.

It is by God’s grace that I have friends in different specialties, who clarify my doubts at any time. Even if I fail in every clinical aspect, it is by God’s grace that sick patients survive.

Despite the knowledge grace so abundant and relentless activity of God, I have been hardly praying these days…having got busy with many things. Am I now at the other theological extreme that God is active and moving, so I do not have to pray?         


6 Responses to ““Passive God: Active Prayers” & “Active God: No Prayers””

  1. White Lily said

    That’s good introspection, but having seen God ‘s hand everyday in your life(especailly in professional), hasn’t that motivated you to take a further step towards spritual growth??

  2. A.M.N said

    “But, I survive. I see God at work everyday, by which I mean I see good outcomes happen unexplainably.” – Well said!

    I can cite innumerable situations, particularly when helping others, where I’ve found myself desperate, depressed, at a dead end, questioning myself and the world around me and miraculously things take a good turn and again hope blooms with in me! I should say that more than the conviction of helping others, it’s the conviction that, no matter what, any adversity can be over come with God on your side that has kept me going!

    White Lilly – So true! Despite having felt God’s touch, we do tend to give Him surprisingly less priority. In the Quran, several verses are often repeated and Allah says this is to remind us, lest we forget!

  3. johnny o said

    I think this is the spiritual journey. We start off with these defined, on-off kind of prayers, with a beginning and an ending. But as the relationship with God gets deeper and less artificial or forced, our lives itself become a prayer. What then is prayer-time ?

    It is time set apart to remind us that all time is prayer-time. And when we can sense His presence in all the routine and exciting activites of daily life, when our lives vibrate in harmony with his drum-beat, that is true prayer. So keep going, Dheeraj. Spiritual life is not measured by looking at it.

    As a wise man said, (actually that was my Dad, but anyway)”The best way to find out if a plant is growing or not, is not necessarily to pull it out daily to inspect it’s roots !” Take care, Dheeraj, Keep writing !

  4. antony said

    great thought provoking post …
    it is really true and great that God is with us in all our endeavours and blesses the work of our hands… and it is greater truth that God is with us and makes the works of our hands fruitful as we work in an attitude of dependance on Him . .
    But taking the example of Jesus who said that the Father never leaves him alone coz he does His will, we find that Jesus himself did spend a lot of time in prayer personally with His Father..
    Inspite of our busy schedules , be it religious or works for society , we need to spend time alone with him .. i think that will help us to remain fruitful 🙂

  5. pragya said

    This is a good piece of thought…… yes goodness IS god.

    • Dheeraj Kattula said

      Welcome to my blog didi.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Don’t you think God is good rather than say what is good as God?
      Keep writing in your blog too 🙂

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