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“Power cut was good”

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on May 14, 2009

lanternBaripada is burning. A power cut at such a time could tempt the best of people to curse. Few days ago power-cut left me happy !!! Let me share, how?

It was 5 pm. Closing time for the hospital OP.It had been a hot afternoon. Suddenly the clouds filled the skies with darkness. A sultry feeling was beginning to set in. Baap re  line gola. Our generator battery had problems. Thankfully there were no lab investigations pending. What could be done now? Got to pass time in the darkness :-/

I was planning to discharge a patient who had been admitted for two weeks. He was a patient with chronic renal failure and an old stroke, who had come in with pneumonia and cardiac failure. He later developed other complications of electrolyte imbalances, a couple of seizures and a breakthrough manic episode. All his problems  settled in 2 weeks. He survived his problems and also my treatment! Last summer, he had been admitted for lesser problems. He dared to stop medicines after discharge ! He survived for an year by God’s grace 🙂

I saw his son’s silhoutte against light in the nursing station. I called him into my chamber. I went through all his father’s problems and explained the need for a close watch on him as each drug had effects which could worsen his other existing problems. Despite two weeks stay he had not understood his father’s problems as much as the 20 min discussion in darkness that evening. I expect the likelihood of following up to be much higher now. 🙂

Another man  was waiting to discuss if he could bring a patient in future ! I glanced at the ultrasound abdomen report in the dim light of  a dying torch. It was a report full of findings for which one could do nothing specifically. Still I spent about 10 min explaining the person’s problems and impressed him with the knowledge of what the patient was probably experiencing. Lo behold! Next day that patient was first to register for morning OP.

Good for an extra half an hour’s work. 🙂 There are many things in life, which are irritating. It takes a small change in the way we see them and use them. They  could make us happier that the routine ‘comforts’. Isn’t it?

“Interruptions can be viewed as sources of irritation or opportunities for service, as moments lost or experience gained, as time wasted or horizons widened. They can annoy us or enrich us, get under our skin or give us a shot in the arm. Monopolize our minutes or spice our schedules, depending on our attitude toward them.”

-William Arthur Ward


2 Responses to ““Power cut was good””

  1. Dexter Sam said

    How you see it is how you treat it and how you treat it is what you make of it… zig ziglar. (he said something like that.. )

    v true… i rem this one power cut when all of us in our wing moved our lazy bums from the front of our computer screens… and sat together and sang songs.. was a gr8 time!

  2. Shubha said

    Wow! Dheeraj…I can only dream of doing such amazing things in my mundane routine. I am so inspired reading your blog and plan to be a regular visitor. The optimism in your thoughts, humility in your actions and zest for keeping yourselves and others around happy is simply great!!! I am proud to call you as one of my oldest friends. Glad to get back in touch. Keep doing miracles and inspiring normal souls like me.

    Best, Shubha

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