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the rush

Posted by Dheeraj Kattula on April 26, 2009

I have been impulsive since my childhood. I have lost much due to that. I blurted out answers out of turn in quizzes and answered back to teachers. I made up for losses as I was good in studies. I am perennially in a hurry. Task completion comes before quality.

This has led to relatively poor learning in my college years. I managed to get a impression on a topics quickly. So I rush through the topic. I complete reading it with a delusion that I have studied the topic. The lacunae became more apparent before exams, leaving me in anxiety. I somehow survived, as I was more an auditory learner and had plenty of friends.

I rushed in my postgraduate years too. I would complete my patient work-up and rush to the consultant for discussion. In the process might miss some important detail in history or examination. One could misunderstand inattention as incompetence. I rushed through documentation of my review cases making my notes look very sketchy. I rushed through preparations for my seminars, presentations and so on. I survived again, as I would generally pick important things and my style would overshadow any content problems.

I am now a consultant psychiatrist, currently also in a general practice. I observe that I still rush. I rush through case history, examination, rounds, reviews…everything. I survive now also as my love for interaction pulls me to see patients more frequently…during which I pick issues of importance.

I am a Christian. I value spending time in reading bible and prayer. I rush through these too. Sometimes miss them for periods! I respect quality. Despite ability,I dont find it. Only because of my rush…

May be I have Attention Deficit Disorder 🙂

Lord make me patient. The way my parents wanted me to be,when they named me Dheeraj


One Response to “the rush”

  1. Julie said

    Oye the typical U !!!!!!!!!!!
    But u’ve survived thus far and doing great!!!!!!!! U sound like Simon Peter But our Lord had such a great task for him. So cheer up. Take heart. U r such a blessing in ways unknown to u, Keep up the good work Dheere Dheere…………

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